About HIT


 HIT sponsored instructor training class in Tioga, Texas - 2013

Handgun Instructors of Texas is a professional firearm training business based in Howe, Texas. We provide basic through advanced handgun training, basic through advanced carbine training, and concealed handgun license classes. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service along with high quality training.

Most of HIT’s firearm instructors are US military veterans, former or active duty peace officers, or both. All are certified by either the National Rifle Association, Texas DPS, and/or TCOLE to instruct in their respective disciplines. Additionally, our instructors routinely attend training to enhance their teaching skills.

It is critical to insure you are receiving proper firearms training. Part of that process is learning who your trainers are. You will not find a better place to get your CHL training.

Our Trainers

Carl Hudman


A veteran US Marine with over 29 years experience as a Texas peace officer. He is a DPS certified CHL instructor, Certified TCOLE Firearm Instructor, Certified TCOLE Patrol Rifle Instructor and Certified NRA pistol instructor. He has extensive law enforcement tactical training and experience and has served as a SWAT team member and SWAT commander. Carl founded HIT and serves as the primary instructor.

Brandy Hudman

Brandy Hudman CHL Instructor

A veteran US Marine, DPS Certified CHL Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Life Member of the Texas State Rifle Association, and Co-Owner of HIT.

Jim HUDMAN, Major (USAF ret)

A retired USAF veteran and NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. Jim manages our Glen Rose (Texas) training site.


A veteran US Marine with with combat experience in Desert Storm. JD is a licensed Texas peace officer with over 20 years experience. He is a Certified NRA Pistol Instructor


Tom Bullins CHL Trainer

An NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and one of our primary Range Safety Officers. Tom is also our facilities supervisor and range construction Director.



An NRA certified pistol instructor.

Dr. Hernandez is our Health and Safety director.